UX and CRO

Do people like coming back? Can they easily find what they are looking for? Are they shopping?

Building a website is one thing but to facilitate the customer’ purchase process and be able to orient and understand your idea is another. Properly chosen logical structure, appropriately chosen colors and buttons can make a real difference. Your website is your digital shop window.

Don't bother with unnecessary things

Get your timing correct, respectively show only the essentials. With increasing competition, it is more and more needed. To enter the online world, it is no longer enough just to have, but to have quality and intuitiveness.

We can also do e-commerce

We will also be happy to help with the analysis and recommendations for increasing the ratio between the buyer customer and those who have only visited the site. Why?

Because increasing the proportion of people who go more easily and intuitively from search and filtering through product detail to the basket, and then seamlessly enter shipping and payment information will dramatically increase the overall profitability of the entire project.


Zytra comes from the Czech word zítra, meaning tomorrow: It's a time when shadows retreat into the light, a time for new, fresh ideas. It's a time when the dawn brings this beautifully simple, elegant clarity and that, what was deemed impossible just a while ago, is in reach once again.