Social Networks

Be present where your buyer spends their leasure time.

For the second decade, we have been surrounded by a social online bubble. Not only the American giant Facebook has penetrated into every household and the time spent on its networks is still enormous. The display of posts has long been controlled by an algorithm based on your behavior, location and interests.

Abbreviations such as FB, IN, LI,…

Whether it is the omnipresent Facebook, lifestyle Instagram, professional LinkedIn, journalistic Twitter or one of the new platforms, we will be happy to help you find your way around and suggest the most effective way of self-presentation. Take advantage of very precise targeting and show your potential clients that you are here.

Fans, advertising, e-shop

There is an inexhaustible number of ways and reach of communication. From building a customer and fan base, through advertising with all PPC elements, to the direct sale of your services and products in an integrated e-shop. Be where your customers spend their free time.


Zytra comes from the Czech word zΓ­tra, meaning tomorrow: It's a time when shadows retreat into the light, a time for new, fresh ideas. It's a time when the dawn brings this beautifully simple, elegant clarity and that, what was deemed impossible just a while ago, is in reach once again.