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The whole SEO can be divided into two camps - On-Page SEO (content and technicalities related to your website) and Off-Page SEO (evaluation and awareness of your brand across the Internet). We will be happy to help you with individual categories as well as with a complex design and step by step implementation of the entire solution.

KW analysis

Every good SEO stands and falls on the knowledge of the language of their customers, how they call your product, how they think, how they search the internet.

This discipline, keyword analysis, focuses on countless synonyms, other connections, their search, your competition, the keyword or the price at which PPC advertising can be purchased.

Implementation of SEO analysis

This analysis then serves for the correct design of categories, content marketing or as a basis for PPC advertising.

Nevertheless, most often we edit Meta data, labels and various text blocks directly on your website. We also have experience with the design of URL structures, solutions for "non-canonical" duplications, parametric filters or with involvement of UI/UX.

Technical analysis

A very neglected SEO discipline is checking the status of the technical solution - in comparison with the currently available technology and the solution used by the competition.

We focus primarily on proper web indexing, page loading speed, validation of backlinks and internal links. All without forgetting the purity of the HTML code itself and additional libraries.

Link Building

The only mentioned Off-Page SEO representative is the analysis and management of backlinks. It's nothing more than finding quality partners and getting links from their sites to yours.

The better and better known "reference" you get, the higher your overall rating will increase. And the higher your rating is, the easier it will be to be at the top of the search.

SEO consulting

Do you find this topic little complicated? We offer an audit of your current website and assistance with the design of a new one; thus the recommendation to which direction to go next.


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