Be visible right now. Targeted and under control.

The term PPC advertising or performance marketing is a very broad, but essentially it concerns paid and preferred "search results", banners across the Internet (static and dynamic) or product advertising. The big advantage is more accurate targeting and evaluation.

Search advertising

Advertising that search engines place in front of the organic results themselves (so-called free search, SEO). It looks almost like a standard search result but it may be misleading.

Based on the KW analysis, we will target exactly the most appropriate words, create a quality advertisement and direct you to your preferred page. Everything is measured and optimized and over time we increase your performance and efficiency.

Banner advertising

Many are known as side banners across the Internet. It all depends on choosing the right audience and displaying on the appropriate portals.

Whether you need a classic acquisition campaign (targeting potential and yet unaddressed audiences) or a remarketing campaign (people who already know you) purchased in the standard CPC mode, more accurate and high-volume RTB or direct purchase, we can advise you or/and represent you.

Product advertising

Surely you have already been looking for a certain product and the search engine immediately offered you e-shops where you can buy this product directly. For us, one of the most effective tools in the field of performance advertising.

We will technically set everything up, activate it and add a few tips for free.

Price comparators of goods

Similar to product advertising are goods comparators, probably the most famous in Czech Republic Heureka and Zboží. The mechanism is very similar.

The cornerstone of these platforms is price comparison and offering the best choice. You can compete here not only with the price but also with a good evaluation of customer service. The lowest prize does not always win.

PPC audit

Are you not satisfied with the performance and setup of the current online advertising? Would you like to receive a recommendation i.e. an independent analysis (audit) of your agency? Contact us.


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