Interfacing the real with the virtual

Get everything talking

Everybody can play audio on their computer, everybody can take a picture, everybody can turn on a TV. But can your TV take that picture? Can the picture cause twenty different speakers play twenty different songs? Can the TV shut itself off, once those songs are over? It might...

Set the scene...

...and action!

Define scenes with actions to be performed. Define events that can trigger these scenes and travel between them. Watch the story unfold.

Services. At your service.

Input or output, we support a myriad of services. Through these, you can wire actions and events to sensors, actuators, cameras, displays, speakers and much more.

Sensors & Actuators

Lock the doors, toggle the lights, detect movement via IR sensors, wire up buttons and switches, control motors, connect Arduino(s) or similar boards... you name it.


Synchronize events with local time or use a timer.


Play or stream video on multiple screens.


Configure audio playback through tens of independent sound outputs with multiple channels. Create your personal cacophony, if you wish!


Capture photos, bursts or timelapses in response to various events.


Capture or stream real-time video, detect movement, track objects or read barcodes and QR codes.

...and even other, custom hardware, as well as third-party APIs.