Tools we love

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Marketing Miner, Collabim, Screaming Frog and many more...

There is perhaps no greater range of tools and applications than marketing ones. Each of them is suited for something different but when combined correctly, they can do miracles. We like to work with these.

Google Analytics

It can determine from which search engine people came to you, as well as which pages they browsed, to where they scrolled, which phone or email they clicked on.

Which products customers most often added to the basket; which they eventually bought or about which order they were not sure.

Google Tag Manager

A very good tool for substituting your developer when activating various marketing and other web tools. It also helps you set up advanced measurement within Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

One of the elementary tools for SEO activation, administration and control of the technical level and quality of the website or backlink information.

Google Data Studio

A relatively new tool for presenting and reporting collected data from Google Analytics and other tools, all in one place. Quick analysis, timeline and simplicity such as in Windows’ Paint.


A more advanced tool for managing and evaluating the SEO of your website across the SERP environment (search engines). Focus on individual keywords, their position, competition, backlink management and much more.

Marketing Miner

Your SEO eyes across the Internet in search of new potentials, more advanced technical site controls. Thanks to the automatic collection and structuring data, it will make the work of many marketing specialists easier.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

A great program to check the status of your site across many SEO factors - meta labels, site nomenclature, URLs, images, browsing errors, lost pages 404,…

Google Ads (editor)

The world's most widely used PPC advertising platform. It combines all the mentioned formats in a clear online environment, including the offline editor. It can be connected to other members of the Google family (Analytics, Data Studio,…).

Mergado XML feed

When advertising on Heureka, Zboží, Google and other price comparators, it is necessary to send data about your products. However, it is not always cost-effective to deal with this directly through the developer.

It is exactly for these purposes when you can use Mergado tool into which you can import your products and modify them in countless ways, all without the intervention of a developer.

Facebook (pixel, catalog, business manager)

For full-fledged use of Facebook, you will appreciate the deployment of Pixel "tracking", importing your products into a virtual store or administration and editing in the Business Facebook manager.

Seznam Sklik

The Czech version of the popular Google Ads platform which with its functions does not lag behind other comparable global platforms. Its biggest advantage is better targeting of the Czech population and more numerous partnerships with major Czech websites and portals.

Google MyBusiness

Online management of your business card within Google Maps. Every day it expands with new functions and connections with other family members. It keeps basic information about opening hours, address, contacts, news, list of services or product list updates. Be better seen.


Zytra comes from the Czech word zítra, meaning tomorrow: It's a time when shadows retreat into the light, a time for new, fresh ideas. It's a time when the dawn brings this beautifully simple, elegant clarity and that, what was deemed impossible just a while ago, is in reach once again.