Digital Marketing

Be the elephant in the room. Or on the web.

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Want to be seen with your keywords (KW) in Google search, or Bing? Do you want to gradually fight your way to higher ranks in these results? A long and gradual journey is ahead of you, but the result will give you a position for which you no longer have to pay. Find out more.

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Do you have hot news on the market? A product or solution that no one has and you want to make an immediate breakthrough with it, sell it? Have you grown up and current marketing channels are no longer enough for you? Get more info.

How you may not know them

Social networks

Omnipresent Facebook, lifestyle Instagram, professional LinkedIn, controversial TikTok. These and other social networks surround us day and night. Be visible on them. I want to know more.

Website as a digital shop window


Building a website is one thing but to facilitate the customer’ purchase process and be able to orient and understand your idea is another. Properly chosen logical structure, appropriately chosen colors and buttons can make a real difference. Why?

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Marketing tools

There is perhaps no greater range of tools and applications than marketing ones. Each of them is suited for something different, but when combined correctly, they can do miracles. We like to work with these.

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Consultations & Strategies

Are you new to online marketing? Do you get easily lost in (marketing) terms, or do you need to design a more comprehensive solution tailored to your needs? Are you looking for a project manager to cover, direct or control your online marketing strategy? Let us know.


Zytra comes from the Czech word zítra, meaning tomorrow: It's a time when shadows retreat into the light, a time for new, fresh ideas. It's a time when the dawn brings this beautifully simple, elegant clarity and that, what was deemed impossible just a while ago, is in reach once again.